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While sports fans enjoy watching their favorite teams, they also delight in watching and listening to their favorite sports announcers and commentators. Here are four of these great sports reporters:

  1. Chris Berman

Recognizable for his “He. Could. Go. All. The. Way,” Chris Berman is one of the first to strike a balance of uncompromising journalism, humor and personality, increasing the enjoyment of the television viewers watching football. Having enjoyed much popularity, Mr. Berman has been a sportscaster since 1999 and is considered by many as “Mr. ESPN.”

  1. Dan Patrick

Daniel Patrick Pugh is not only a radio sportscaster, he is a radio personality and an actor. He hosts a radio program on the largest radio network, Premiere Radio Networks. Before his present position, Daniel Patrick, as he is known, was a co-host of Football Night in America, NBC’s pregame show for football. He also was a journalist, writing for Sports Illustrated. In contrast to the frequently disputatious programs, Patrick’s radio broadcast is good-natured and a pleasing change from the contrived arguments of dueling announcers who sound more like foes than friends. Having gleaned much experience, Daniel Patrick has worked for nearly two decades at ESPN as a weeknight anchor and as a writer for the late-night Sunday edition of SportsCenter. Daniel Patrick has played the straight man on ESPN; he has also been a co-host on NBC’s Football Night in America. As a broadcaster and a writer for Sports Illustrated, Patrick’s good nature adds another pleasure to the game.

  1. Dan Rafael

An award-winning reporter known as the “Boxing Guy,” Dan Rafael is a sports journalist who has established himself as the reporter to go to in the fight category. Rafael covers all major fights and often provides exciting insights gleaned behind-the-scenes as he sends his live tweets, some of which are humorous as well as informative. (e.g. “No major boxing tonight, so you can call your mother or check out the updated fight schedule….”)

  1. John Buccigross

John Buccigross was the go-to-guy for professional hockey before ESPN lost NHL television rights. An announcer with an engaging personality and sense of humor, Buccigross sometimes filled in on positions such as a broadcaster and writer. Later, he took over the afternoon segment of SportsCenter in 2009.