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If you ask a random person on the street to name a sport, there’s a better chance than not that you’ll hear baseball, football, basketball, or soccer. Someone may mention soccer while another might bring up auto racing, but odds are, you’ll hear about a sport that is prominent on American television. But there are sports around the world that you won’t find on any of our 24/7 sports channels.

Competitive Hobbyhorsing

Apparently, this one began in Finland and is exactly what the name indicates. People get together in a gymnasium and compete on hobby horses. The term “stick horses” may be more familiar to you, but you get the idea. Even more shocking than the fact that people compete in this sport is that it’s reportedly gaining popularity and draws an audience.

Chess Boxing

Go ahead, read the name of that one again. Yes, this ultimate collision of brain vs. brawn pits two competitors in a boxing ring wearing full boxing gear alternate between three minutes of boxing and four-minute rounds of speed chess. Based on an obscure sci-fi novel from the 1990s, this sport is everything you could ever hope to watch. Let’s get ready to…backward pawn?

Fireball Soccer

This one is some sort of combination of soccer and a game that was invented by Chandler and Joey. Ross didn’t seem interested in it, but we certainly are. Originating in Indonesia, the game is played with a coconut that is doused in kerosene and set on fire before the competitors play a “typical” game of soccer with it. Players are required to go through certain rituals before the game, including fasting. It is believed that participating in these rituals removes any fear of a flaming coconut being kicked at you.

Ferret Legging

Somewhere, somebody in England in the 1970s said, “what would happen if we shoved a ferret down our pants?” We’re not sure what made them ask such a question, but they did, and a sport was born. The endurance competition saw male participants tie the bottoms of their pants shut, drop a ferret down them and see who could handle it the longest. The best in the world managed to endure 40 seconds.