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After one of the wildest seasons in the history of the league, the NFL is ready to begin the postseason. The addition of one extra playoff team is going to create an opening playoff weekend like we have never seen before. While every NFL game has exciting action, nothing is able to top playoff football. All of the sport’s most iconic moments have occurred during the playoffs. These are the four most memorable moments from the NFL playoffs.


Immaculate Reception

There are few plays in sports history more memorable than Franco Harris’ 60-yard touchdown catch against the Oakland Raiders in 1972 playoffs. The Steelers trailed the Raiders by one point with only 22 seconds left on the clock. After bouncing off the hands of two players, Harris grabbed the ball just before it hit the ground and ran in for the game-winning touchdown. The legitimacy of the catch is still debated today.


The Catch

The San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys had an intense rivalry that lasted more than 20 years as the two teams dominated the NFC. The best game of the rivalry was the 1982 NFC Championship Game. San Francisco trailed Dallas by six points with less than a minute left on the clock when Dwight Clark made a spectacular catch in the back of the end zone to win the game. Clark leaped higher than anyone though possible to end one of the best NFL games of all-time.


Tyree Helmet Catch

The New England Patriots needed to win Super Bowl XLII to finish the season with a perfect record. The Giants had just over a minute to march down the field to put an end to the perfect season. Their hopes looked slim until David Tyree made a stunning catch by holding the ball against the top of his helmet before hitting the ground. New York won the game a few plays later.


Music City Miracle

The Buffalo Bills thought they had their 2000 AFC Wild Card game against the Tennessee Titans locked up after taking the lead with 16 seconds left. The subsequent kickoff resulted in one of the wildest endings in NFL history. Frank Wycheck lateraled the ball across the field to Kevin Dyson immediately after receiving the kickoff. Dyson then ran 75 yards to score the game-winning touchdown.