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Many memorable sports commentators have enriched the action of games that audiences watch with their exciting voices and commentaries. Here is a list of some of these greats:

Martin Tyler Football (Soccer)

Martin Tyler is a knowledgeable commentator with a distinctive style that ignites enthusiasm in listeners. In 2003, he was awarded the Premiership Commentator of the Decade.

Harry Caray National League Baseball (MLB)

Harry Caray is a legend in baseball. His beloved signature big black-rimmed glasses and “It might be … it could be … it IS! A home run! Holy cow!” and the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” are famous.

John Madden American Football (NFL)

Because of an injury to a knee in training camp (his other knee was injured in college), John Madden never played as a pro, but he knew the game thoroughly and was a great coach, winning Super Bowl XI with the Oakland Raiders. As a color commentator, he was exciting and informative. Even if the games were dull, Madden’s broadcasts were always enjoyable for his audience as he would inject humor and interesting tales into his narration.

Dave Stradder Dallas Stars (NHL)

Dave Stradder is considered by many as the best in the business. A former Coyotes and NBCSN broadcaster, he is so captivating that listeners turn up the volume to hear him call the sport. Unlike other announcers, Stradder controls the tempo of the broadcast and knows when to pass to his partner Daryl Reaugh for analysis in the game. While he does not inflate ordinary moments, he never lets a big one be anything but exciting.

Mike Breen (NBA)

With a voice that compels audiences to listen, Mike Breen also has the legendary “Bang!” when a great shot is made that makes him memorable.

Pat Foley Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)

Always able to make every game interesting, Chicago Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley sounds as though the next goal will be monumental, no matter what the score is.

Murray Walker (Formula One Racing)

An enthusiastic announcer, Murray Walker, often made what Stephen Moss of The Guardian described as “effortlessly complex…displays of linguistic virtuosity” when he could not control his excitement. Moss humorously compared Walker’s voice to “an engine being revved up.” He was loved for having a noisy, fast-moving voice befitting the sport.

Richie Benaud (Cricket)

A famous Australian journalist and cricketer-turned-commentator, Richie Benaud had a wry style to his cricket commentary from the early 1960s. He became one of Australia’s beloved cultural icons.