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Baseball. One can argue that it is the family game of all sports. With having one of the longest seasons the ultimate goal is to make it to the World Series. It’s where dreams come true and others are torn at the moment. There are so many things to put into consideration from players, striking moments, and even team rivalries, when thinking about the most memorable series. Here are 3 of the best World Series wins that will be talked about until the end of time.

1.1960 – Pirates vs. Yankees

The 1960 World Series has one of the craziest endings in history. The Pittsburgh Pirates played against the New York Yankees, who were coming for yet another title. Pittsburgh surprised fans by pushing themselves to land a game 7 opportunity. The final game was back and forth until the Yankees tied it up at the top of the ninth inning. The Pirates’ Bill Mazeroski was first up at the bottom of the inning and finished it off quickly by hitting a home run. The series finished off with the underdog Pirated winning 10-9.

2. 2011 – Cardinals vs. Rangers

The St.Louis Cardinals pushed through Game 7 with base-running mistakes and generally sloppy play for the first six innings until the score was tied 4-4. The Texas Rangers led off the seventh with home runs, and the Rangers held a 7-4 lead heading into the eighth inning. The Cardinals caught up and tied in the ninth inning, calling for a Game 7 overtime. After a two-run home run by Josh Hamilton in the tenth, the Cardinals were back on top of the game. Finally, they came back to the plate and ended it all with a home run in the eleventh. The Cardinals went on to win the Series with a 10-9 win in Game 7 leaving fans on the edge of their seats for 12 innings. 

3.1991 – Twins vs. Braves

This game will go down in history as what felt like the longest games in World Series history. Jack Morris, the Twins pitcher, was not on his A-game but convinced coaching staff to allow him to stay in the game, as he played a large role in the previous games. There a few times fans thought someone was going to score but nothing was happening. Terry Pendleton of the Braves hit a double with a hit and run play on, but the Twins’ Lonnie Smith stopped him on the way to second. Pendleton only made it to third base when he probably could have scored a home run. The game had gone into 9 innings with nobody scoring and nobody knew when it would end. At the bottom of the tenth, the Twins finally scored one home run and won the series. Although it was a low scoring game the plays and energy in the stadium will go down in World Series history.