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Extreme sports are continuing to get more varied and outrageous every day. The days of considering hitting the slopes at a local resort an extreme sport are officially over. There has to be a legitimate threat of danger to satisfy extreme sports enthusiasts. The adrenaline rush provided by these outrageous activities certainly is not for everyone, but they are beloved by diehard fans. These are the four most popular extreme sports in the world right now.


If you want to take your love of skiing to the next level, then you will absolutely love heli-skiing. This extreme sport involves jumping out of a helicopter on a steep mountain in full skiing gear. Once you stick the landing, you will proceed to ski down the entire mountain. This is activity is generally done on challenging slopes that cannot be accessed without the use of a helicopter.

Ice Climbing

If you are starting to get a little tired of rock climbing, then you can ramp up the difficulty by going ice climbing. Participants use their climbing ability to ascend massive frozen structures all over the world. Special tools are used to help maintain your grip on the frozen ice. Just be prepared to dodge falling snow and ice before heading out on your first ice climbing trip. You will also want to be fairly accustomed to extremely cold temperatures before trying ice climbing.

Volcano Boarding

One of the fastest rising extreme sports in the world is volcano boarding. This sport involves sliding down a large volcano using a metal or wooden board. Other than their completely different locations, volcano boarding is very similar to street luge. The most passionate volcano boarders will only choose active volcanoes. It is still completely acceptable to lower the risk and perform this extreme sport on a dormant or extinct volcano.

Base Jumping

Extreme sports simply do not get any more dangerous than base jumping. This activity involves jumping off a very tall structure before using a parachute to safely land on the ground. Base jumping is most often done off of cliffs and buildings. Base jumping provides a bigger thrill than skydiving because of the reduced reaction times associated with the lower jumping points.