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It is no secret that diehard sports fans are some of the most passionate people you will find. Their entire life revolves around watching games, analyzing stats and discovering the latest news about their favorite teams. The biggest problem with sports talk on television and radio is that they are built to appeal to casual fans. The only way to get beyond the mainstream news is by listening to a podcast. These are the four best sports podcasts right now.

The Mina Kimes Show

Mina Kimes is one of the fastest rising stars at ESPN. She has an uncanny ability to deliver in-depth knowledge while cracking a funny joke at the same time. One lengthy episode of the podcast is released every week. Kimes is at her best when giving detailed NFL analysis, but she is equally knowledgeable when discussing the MLB or NBA.

The Lowe Post

Basketball fans are doing themselves a disservice if they are not listening to Zach Lowe on a regular basis. Lowe has an instantly likable personality, but he can also discuss intricate NBA salary cap rules without boring the audience. The podcast features a special guest on nearly every episode. The content is a perfect mix of basketball history and current news. Two hour-long episodes of “The Lowe Post” are released every week.

The Right Time

It is well known that Bomani Jones is one of the most intelligent individuals working in sports media today. While his excellent talk show with Pablo Torre on ESPN recently got canceled, you can still hear Jones’ unique take on the sports world on his podcast “The Right Time.” You will instantly gain a better understanding of sports, music, and society after listening to one episode. Two or three episodes of the podcast are released every week.

The Fantasy Footballers

Fantasy football is a cultural phenomenon with more than 40 million people actively playing every year. While it is not too hard to find quality podcasts on the subject, “The Fantasy Footballers” is easily one of the best. All three hosts are expert analysts, but they are able to create a show that replicates the feeling of discussing sports with your friends. Two to five episodes are released every week.