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Despite the cold, the winter can have a lot to look forward to. Things like holidays, cozy lazy days at home sipping hot cocoa, and spending time with family are great but don’t forget to brave the outdoors. Here’s a list of 7 of the best winter sports to look forward to this winter.


Skiing is a competitive favorite. A popular activity during winter vacation, you can ski in a variety of ways. On a ski resort, a fluffy snow-filled mountainous landscape, you can ski freely with family or friends or jump off a mountain or ski lift to zoom downhill at maximum speed.


Bummed out about losing your skateboarding privileges in the wintertime? Luckily, snowboarding exists. Slide down snowy hills on a single longboard, while throwing in some leaps and twists with the force of your body.

Ice Hockey

Whether you’re playing for fun or just watching, ice hockey is a highly intense, and even dangerous sport. In a game between two rival teams skating rapidly trying to get goals in by hitting pucks, there’s a high risk of injury.

Figure Skating

Much like ice hockey, figure skating is a major sport globally. It’s beautiful to watch professional figure skaters and fun to try (and fail) at the complex loops and Axels.


A fun team sport and family activity, bobsledding consists of riding a bobsled or sleigh, usually with one or multiple other persons. In professional sports, teams race down steep, twisting inclines of ice.


Developed in Switzerland, a luge is another type of sled in which the rider lies flat on their back, using their feet and upper body weight to steer. Luging is actually one of the Olympics’ more dangerous sports because of the astounding speeds, without any safety brakes.

Ice Fishing

Fishing doesn’t stop in the winter, even if lakes are frozen. Ice fishing is an exhilarating sport for anyone who loves the thrill of the snowy outdoors – as long as you take precautions.

If you think the warmer half of the year is the only time to do engaging activities, think again. These are only some of the top winter sports. They’re worth giving a try or watching them during the exhilarating winter sports season.