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Football is a challenging sport that requires a lot of different skill sets to play correctly. Players get and stay in tip-top shape thanks to conditioning drills. Coaches aren’t shy about being tough on their stars during training camps. Two-a-days may be less common than they used to be, but coaches are still making players feel the burns with these drills.

One classic football training drill is grapevines, also known as carioca. In this drill, players move sideways. They bring one leg in front and one behind. This creates a pattern similar to a grapevine. This drill works the abductor and adductor muscles. It also improves agility for players. It’s a challenge for some athletes to keep their footing while doing this drill.

A more intense running drill is 50 40s. In this drill, players sprint to the 40-yard line and back a whopping 25 times. This is a real burner. When you pause to do the math and realize that this one drill is 2,000 yards of sprinting, it gives you some idea of the commitment that’s needed to succeed in college football. This drill is known for making players lose their breakfasts.

Burpees are a part of just about any modern workout program, and football practices are no exception to that rule. College coaches are evil geniuses when it comes to finding ways to add ever more burpees to their training camps and practices. They’re always finding a way to add variations like one-handed push-ups to the mix.

Football is a sport with lots of different positions. Receivers do a drill called running the gauntlet, where they have to pass between two long lines of their teammates. The goal? To make the ball carrier fumble. This is a real test of strength and skill. Football’s an aggressive sport, and players have to be mentally tough to make it through.

One final, quintessentially football drill that drives players nuts is Bear Crawls. Bear Crawls are just what they sound like. Players stick their rears in the air and crawl down the field. This is a less-than-cool position to be in, and it’s a real burner, too. It’s a great conditioning tool, but like all of these drills, it’s not much fun.